Since first coming out to California, I have always had brushes with celebrities, famous people and industry types that are known.  As a child I was introduced to all types of entertainment folks -- actors, actresses, directors, producers, comedians, singers and even voice over people and artists.

As I grew, I dreamed of coming out to California and using the contacts from my childhood to get into the movies, as the majority of folks do in life. Not many make it in, but I did. At least for enough time to be able to poke fun at the stars. Read on and see of them got by with some very odd smelling body odors. I was close to some, but others I could just plain smell from a distance!
One of my first background movie jobs was when I worked with Kim Delany on her cancelled cop show, and she had the worst body odor. The whole crew was laughing at her! It was hard to believe she was so pretty but smelled. She had a very mixed weird odor of Chanel #5, mixed with a woman's spicy B.O. and mildew, because she wore the same clothes all the time.
"B.O. is No GOOOOOOD," says one Facebook friend Sean B., whom I've never smelled, but I'm sure he has a good odor, right Sean?
But the actress that gets mixed up as Kim Delany's sister does not smell bad. In fact, I went to Dana Delaney's trailer on the set of "Exit to Edit" to get her for a big scene where she was to be carried on a throne to review the arriving members to "Sex Island". I was one of the background actors in the movie. Beautiful Dana smelled like Coppertone Suntan oil, some type really waxy type of shampoo and a slight scent of an expensive candle mixed with the odor of a new costume.
Robin Williams too has been known for his pits smelling. He said to some extras milling around one of his sets the day a few of us complained, "Hey, I'm Mr. Natural and I just don't believe in using deodorant"
I smelled Michael Jackson when he came to an ad agency I worked at that was handling the WE ARE THE WORLD song. So he comes in and the whole place clears out. He's sitting at a huge shiny glassconference table and I walk in with crossaints and causally ask him, "Would you like a one of these?" I pretended I didn't know who he was. I took a huge whiff of Michael Jackson as he sat reading some notes he was jotting on a pad. He smelled a mixture of cologne, vitamins and a rubbery smelling little boy type of body odor like he was playing outside on the swing set and slide on a very hot day!
Actor David Carradine had a very potent odor. He also said he didn't believe in wearing "Right Guard or Axe"! He had the smell of expensive leather, aftershave and a tobacco man's stink, not at all unpleasant!
When I used to ride at the Burbank CA Equestrian Center, I would see William Shatner riding there as well. He kept a few horses at the stables and loved to ride. He smelled like outdoor sweat, expensive hair tonic, and fine riding leather clothes, like a horse jockey!
When I stood beside still gorgeous Dyan Cannon for The New Perry Mason Series, she smelled like great shampooskin cream, and flowers, but a slight scent of a douche odor.
I did months of Robin Hood, Men In Tights. Mel Brooks must have had a sour stomach so he chewed gum. I loved to smell Mel! He had the distinct odor of Juicy Fruit and a nice sweet spicy cologne. He also retained a slight odor of the oil they'd used to breakdown and unscrew the large sets he had built for Robin Hood.
A U.S. President I smelled: Nixon! He smelled like Vitalis (the old hair oil of the Fifties), a clean linen suit and a slight whiff of cigar smoke. Although he was sweating in front of cameras, he didn't have a bad odor. One day he was at the UN in NYC, across the street from where my family lived. We were in front of the long line of folks waiting to greet him when he stepped out of his limo and came right over to me standing in the front line. "My sister keeps your photo under her pillow Mr. President," I said bravely. He came up and we were in the front of the line petting the riot horses, and came down to my level and shook my hand. He had clammy hands, fat fingers. His breath smelled like Certs mints and the slight smell of chopped liver. "I have Randy Mantooth from Emergency under my own pillow," I added, smiling and curls bobbing!
OMG, the guy who used to play Bob from Sesame Street took a photo with me at a toy store opening in 1972, and when we took the photo he put his hand a little too far down my pants! I immediately thought Bob wanted to be my boyfriend. I whispered to my sister, "...He likes me!" and we laughed and I have this really weird guilty look on my face when they snapped it. Do you think he was trying something on me? What was that about? Don't think I'll ever know, but Bob did not smell!
Through it all though, plastic surgery does wonders, so does using deodorant. Ha, Ha. I heard a story in the business of a hard to work with actress not wanting to work with a big stud actor because he chewed garlic just to bug her when they kissed in the scenes. And Jenny McCarthy is known to have horrid breath because she loves to eat fast food.
Veteran comedy actor Jim Carry was known to have the worst breath like death, according to actress Alicia Silverstone, when he kissed her many years ago at an awards ceremony. Same goes for Ben Affleck, although since marrying and starting a family I doubt Jennifer Garner would put up with that. He supposedly smelled like cigarettes and stale beer.

"Leslie Siegel, I'm rolling on the floor!!! LOL," admits Jude C., another Facebook friend.
Sean also stated that, "...people who drink to excess don't actually have B.O., they leach out booze through their pores, which is even more disgusting than underarm pit odor," he explained easily.
"My dad smelled of garlic...reeked of it, when he was loaded with vodka..."revealed another FB pal in on the this funny article. Vitamins too and certain foods and perfumes produce odd odors in celebrity types too.Jude's relative may have eaten the garlic to hide the booze smell, my dad ate Pickled Herring with his drinks"All I know is that if he smelled of garlic, we knew he was drunk on vodka," said yet another friend.
My own dad never hid his drinking, he was no big drinker because he could not handle his liquor, so he popped pain pills toward the end of his short life age 50. My father"never" smelled badly, ever! But we found him laid out on the bed in his tuxedo with notes saying goodbye. He was a stickler for being in fine form when he was alive. I watched him get ready, he even had bronzing cream, and wore Aramis Cologne, and had a hair piece and fake mustache
Sean then spoke up giving me a great idea! "Leslie Siegel, you need to do a Celebrity Scratch And Sniff coffee table book." Not a bad idea, I think I'm going to do it! Look for it. Good idea. I've smelled a lot of stars, actors and entertainment business people.
Stay Tuned!